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New Additions to our 2000 Dallas Area Classic French Renaissance Chateaux - Private Estate
Hi-Resolution Plate below please wait for Loading.

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Private Estate, Dallas - 2011 North and East Wing Additions:
                                                    3D Model Computer Aided Design Renderings, and Construction Docs.


           West Perspective - Arcade Added to Cabana Gameroom                                         Lighthouse/Firestone Front Elevation

Front Perspective 3D Rendering w/ New 2011 Study Design

Click on Image above for Animation
Fly-by Animation; Arcade Space - Private Garden:French ChateauxTX 1MG
Click on Image above for Addition Design Animation 2 5MG



Trophy Room East Wall 12710                                                          Trophy Room Dormer Section 12810


                                Dining Hall Trophy Entry - East Wing                              Outdoor Kitchen, Cabana, & East Wing Partial West Elevation  


        Trophy Room Front Wall                          Formal Dining - Safe Storage - Statue Hall 




Wine Cognac Bar Fireplace Sitting Room and Truss Deign




East Wing Building Sections

Front Elevation Drawing


Front Elevation Blueprint Drawing

Design Renderings
Addition Aerial, 9am mid-April shadows                                              Addition Aerial Roof Plan
            Firestone Front Elevation - New Trophy Rm and Study                    Trophy/Study Perspective - 8/22 4pm Shadows

                           New Study -Trophy Rm w/ December 9AM Shadows - (hi-res widescreen)

East and North Elevations

                                          East ElevationRendering at Dining Outdoor Kitchen                                       North PerspectiveRendering