Residential Design Plan Process


Project Profile

We would be glad to help you with site choices and recommend structure positionings. Please include the following:

  • Site Attributes
  • View Preferences
  • Photos or Surveys
  • Budget
  • Architectural Style
  • Square footage
  • Building envelope (buildable area on lot)
  • Construction methods in consideration

Our Project Profile Sheet provides these preferences in simple form (most responses are as simple as Powder Room: YES, 1). As the Project proceeds we suggest you create a folder of accumulated articles, any exterior/interior pictures, and trim styles you prefer. This could be everything from floor tiles, porch columns, fireplace mantels, islands, and even kitchen sinks. Note: no hurry here because home construction is a one-day-at-a-time Project and some of the finishes can be chosen just days before the Contractors begin their respective stages.

Fill out the Project Profile form which lists your home's necessities and possibilities. Email it to us with a short synopsis of your choice of service.


Contract Fee

Please review our Residential Fee Schedule, which is a representation of standard costs for Design of 'Builders' Plans. These include Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawn: Site Plan, Floor Plan(s), Roof Plan, all Exterior Elevations, Electrical Plan, Window and Door Schedules, Plumbing Locations, Building Section(s), and required Details.

Service Level

Many levels of Design services are offered: Preliminaries Only to Complete Design Services which may include Interior Designs, Building Supervision, and Product and Material Specifications. We also offer Landscape Design, Alternative Energy & Emergency Power System Design, Estate Planning, Retirement Homes Community Planning, Subdivision Design, or Theme Community Design. 3D Modeling and Animations are free to all Full Service and retirement Residential Clients. Specific fee agreements to be negotiated.

Foundation Plans are available for some areas of North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Utah, and Colorado. We recommend using your local Designer, Engineer, or Building Contactor for the locally approved foundations for your site's soil conditions.


Schematic Design

Preliminary Floor Plan drawing and a simplified 3D CAD model is developed for your approval. Initial Client & Firm communication and early decisions.

Preliminary Design

Preliminary Floor Plan(s) approved and the Elevations are started, 3D Model gaining more detail. Client & Firm communication increase, during this stage working on the main details and/or changes.

Floor Plan Approval

Final Floor Plan changes issued with Electrical Plans, 3D Animations and Computer Renderings. With the computer program model changes can be made in real time: such as colors, materials, etc., and overlay the home on your site. Client considers and approves/disaproves. Elevations begin (Front Elevation proposal is in process). Hand Rendering available per new Contract.

Construction Documents

Required drawings for local building departments to aquire your Building Permit. Cover Sheet, Site Plan, Floor Plans (with final dimensions), all Elevations, Window and Door Schedule, Material Specifications, Construction Details, Building Sections, Stair Sections, Electrical Plans are plotted, printed (# plan sets per agreement) and delivered. Any special Interior Elevations or extra Designs per Contract will be included. Computer drawing files may be sent directly to your local Architectural, Engineering, or Reprographic Firm (extra fees or copyright agreements may be applied). Any changes after this point may require additional fees.

Final CAADE Model, all Renderings, Animations, all Drawing Set PDF files, and the complete graphical history of the Design of your Project will be on a DVD prepared for you at no additonal charge with Plan Set purchase.