These plans are immediately available upon purchase. They are offered at the standard price, and may not be altered or changed in any way. Stock Plan Sets are only available for Horse Barns with Living Quarters.

Stock Plan Prices


Review Plan Set

1st Floor Plan (2nd Floor Plan available), Front and one Side Elevation & a 3D Rendering. May be suitable for Builder estimate and loan approval process.

Builder Plan Set

Personalized Cover Sheet w/ 3D Renderings, all Floor Plans and all Elevations. Suitable to obtain building permit in many areas.

Construction Plan Set

Personalized Cover Sheet w/ 3D Renderings, Optional Site Plan, all Floor Plans, all Elevations (Front, Rear, Sides), Window & Door Schedules, Electrical & Lighting Plan, Framing Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Roof Plans, Building Sections (cut through view), Wall Sections, Details and Standard Notes.

CAD Plan Set

Includes everything in Construction Plan Set above, and includes CAD file that may be adjusted by local Architect, Designer or Builder as necessary.


Choose any of the below options for our Custom Plans. These plans are offered at a upgrade price, and may be altered or changed to meet your specifications. These plans will be available after design discussions and plan modifications are complete. Stock Plan Price will be used as the Base Price, all Custom Changes to your Specifications are additional expense(s).

Special Plan Set

Develop your own plan set by purchasing the Review Plan Set and adding additional sheets as necessary. Indicate additional sheets in comments section to receive pricing.

Custom Plan Set

We can customize any Stock Plan Set to meet your requirements or needs, at a minimum cost. This plan set includes Floor Plan revisions, as well as Exterior Materials on the Elevations. Free Proposal. We can also Design a completely Custom Home or Barn with Living Quarters to your exact specifications.

All Plan Sets are full-size Architectural “D” Size - 24” x 36” sheets w/ edge binding (printed sets available for additional fee). Digital Plan Sets (PDFs) are also “D” size, and can be sent electronically at no additional fee. We will supply standard crawl space and/or slab construction at a set fee.

Personalized Plan Price Quote

You may email your request for our Plan Price Sheet to or use the form provided below:


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